Aptim Corp: Valuation Drops

Great Elm Corporation (GECC) announced IQ 2020 results on May 11, 2020. This included an update on the valuation of Aptim Corp, which we’ve discussed before. GECC wrote down its position in the 2025 Term Loan by (58%). That’s in line with Main Street Capital’s (MAIN) own valuation of the same security. Currently, the discount is even greater at (65%).

Previously we’d rated the company as CCR 4, and added the debt to the Weakest Links list. We affirm both our earlier views following these latest disclosures, and suggest the final value of the 2025 debt – held by 4 BDCs overall at an aggregate cost of $30.9mn – might end up being nil. The other BDCs involved are non-listed FS Investment II and HMS Income, which is managed by MAIN.