About Us

The BDC Credit Reporter has a singular focus on tracking developments at all portfolio companies financed by Business Development Companies (“BDCs”), both public and private. The idea is to give subscribers up to date information about which BDC investments are not performing to plan; the impact on the income from any debt or equity invested and the likely realized losses that might eventually occur. After all, credit performance is the key determinant over the long term of any BDC – or any lender’s – success.

Investors no longer have to wait around for quarterly updates from the BDCs themselves; or rely on the often brief or non-existent disclosures in filings ; or happen to bump into a pertinent article in the financial press to assess the value of underperforming investments. Instead, the BDC Credit Reporter provides an endless supply of company updates as early as financial weakness is shown all the way to a final sale, liquidation, reorganization or – sometimes – return to “performing” status.

The BDC Reporter tracks thousands of companies – both public and private – and focuses in on the several hundred that are at risk of not returning all invested capital. When any development occurs – a default, a downgrade, a change in management, a new loan, a bankruptcy filing, etc- the BDC Reporter brings the news to readers almost immediately in the form of postings. We are not just a news aggregator, as we provide analysis and commentary on each occasion, within the framework of the ratings system that most BDCs themselves have adopted.

We believe we’re a unique resource: providing independent, unbiased credit assessments of hundreds of non-investment grade companies in near-real time. All our posts are organized by BDC name allowing a subscriber at a click to read about multiple underperforming companies and their evolving credit stories.