Templar Energy, LLC


“Founded in 2013, Templar Energy LLC provides oil and gas exploration and production services and operates about 7,000 net acres in Ellis and Roger Mills counties, with average production of 1,500 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d). The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma”. – Bloomberg.

Corporate Highlights

4/26/2019: CEO resigns. Replaced by COO.

9/21/2016: Company closes major restructuring.

[Company] obtained consent from 100% of each of its second lien lenders, equity holders and first lien RBL lenders.  The transaction results in the extinguishment of $1.45 billion in second lien debt, a new equity investment of $365 million, and an amended RBL credit facility with a $600 million borrowing base.


IVQ 2018: According to Advantage Data records, only BDC exposure $12.8mn in form of preferred and equity.

From IVQ 2016 to IVQ 2018: Advantage Data records show no BDC exposure to company.

IIIQ 2016:  Debt is on non accrual. BDC exposure is $128.9mn. 5 BDCs involved – all in 2020 Second Lien debt.

IVQ 2013: BDC exposure initiated with $97.2mn of 2020 second lien debt.