At the end of IIIQ 2019, investment assets had an aggregate cost of $232mn, and an FMV of $236mn. There are 41 companies in the portfolio (including the CLO). Based on the valuation of the SAR investments and other publicly available information, we have identified 6 companies that are under-performing, and 35 that are performing.

Loans to 4 companies are on non accrual. The companies involved are  My Alarm Center, LLC; M/C Acquisition Corp, TMAC Acquisition and Roscoe Medical. There are two companies which are rated Corporate Credit Rating 4 – our Worry List – where the likelihood of loss is greater than that of full recovery. These are Targus Holdings and Elyria Foundry. There are no under-performing companies on our Watch List (CCR 3 – where the odds of full recovery are higher than that of loss). We calculate the fair market value of under-performing companies to be $8.4mn, or 3.6% of the portfolio. The BDC's internal rating system places under-performing investments lower - at $5.5mn, or 2.3% of the portfolio.

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Roscoe Medical: Update

The medical supplies company Roscoe Medical has been in financial trouble since late 2018 and its debt on non accrual since the IVQ 2018. Back on May 9, 2019 one of the BDC lenders to the company – Saratoga Investment (SAR) – explained that Roscoe faced “both fundamental weakened performance as well as operational issues. While we believe the operational issues have been largely addressed, we expect the company to continue to face headwinds in a competitive industry“. At the time, SAR had written down its second lien debt by (40%). A second BDC – Portman Ridge (PTMN) discounted its position in the same loan by (57%).

On October 10, 2019 SAR discussed its latest results and increased the discount on the second lien loan to (56%). PTMN has not yet reported. An equity stake stake held by SAR has been long ago written down to nothing. However, the BDC did not have much news to report: “There is no real update since we last reported, these marks reflect both fundamental weakened performance as well as operational issues. We continue to work with the senior lenders and sponsors to pursue strategic alternatives in the near to medium term.

We’ve not found any other public information, but the SAR valuation and commentary is not encouraging. Should the company default, $1.25mn of investment income is at risk. Total BDC exposure at cost is $11.9mn, with PTMN having a slightly bigger share.